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Dear visitors,

This interactive system allows you to simply follow the procedure for submission of request for free access to information of public character in accordance with the appropriate Law.

For those that are unfamiliar with the terms used and procedure aspects, please refer to the definitions provided below, in particular because knowledge thereof is necessary in the course of exercising law-stipulated rights and when requesting access to public information:

For detailed information on the procedure, the law and official guidelines on free access to information are available for download on this site.
This system will guide you in the preparation and processing of information requests addressed to local governments and bodies therein. However, the principles defined are general and information obtained can be useful for the purpose of submitting information requests to other institutions from the [list of information holders].

This system will lead you through the preparation and processing of the requests addressed to the local government and its bodies. Yet, the principles are universal for all institutions so the information you will get here will be useful for you in submitting request forms to just about any institution that is on the list of information holders.

Note: You can now press the “Next >>” that will lead you during the whole dialog. The “delete” button deletes the chosen option.